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Brix Landscape and Exterior handles landscaping design and construction, lawn maintenance, garden rejuvenation, exterior remodeling and pest control of residential and commercial facilities in the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions of Ghana.

Design & Installation Outdoor Lighting

Using modern design technology which bring your ideas to life, our design team work with you from the concept stage to the final approved design. We help customize your design in a 3D rendering to enable you take a walk in your exterior space before it is constructed.

Our design team consists of a professional landscape architect, horticultural experts and an assigned client manager to liaise between you and Brix landscape.

Transform your property into an imposing facility at night. Let your building attract potential clients even after working hours.

With our well thought out lighting design and fittings, we provide you with an energy saving outdoor lighting system. The right shades of light at the right places create an aura of sophistication and confidence for you and your environment.

Light up your building, walkways, pools, decks, stairs, walls, pillars and gardens. Your backyard should come to life at night.

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